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Bed Bug Control in Hermitage

Hermitage TN Bed Bug Control

Hermitage Bed Bug Heat Treatments starting at $799. Call 888-888-0473

Hermitage Bed Bug Control Starting At $799

We have perfected the overnight heat treatment for getting rid of bed bugs. Our heaters will keep your Hermitage home above a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs throughout the night. The next day, our thermal scan will allow us to verify all the surface temperatures of the items in your home. If we find any live bed bugs, we fix it right then and there because we won’t leave your property until all the bed bugs are dead, period.

Why Choose A Heat Treatment?

Most Thorough

A heat treatment will kill bed bugs in all life stages, from egg to adult.

More Effective

Most conventional pesticides just don’t work that well.

Best Peace of Mind

You can sleep well knowing that all of the bed bugs are dead.

Heat + Fumigation

Add Fumigation to your heat treatment for a 1 + 2 Knockout punch that is the most deadly for Hermitage bed bugs.

Don't Forget Your Vehicle!

Most customers that have bed bugs in their Hermitage home have them in their vehicles as well. Having bed bugs in your vehicle greatly increases the chance you will bring bed bugs back into your house after the treatment. Let us treat your vehicle as well for the ultimate peace of mind.