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Pest Control Service in Guild

Guild Tennessee Pest Control

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Annual 9-Step Guild Pest Control Treatment

repellents spread throughout yard

Repellents spread throughout yard keep pests at bay.

baits in shrubs and flower beds

Roach and ant baits attack pests in shrubs and flower beds.

baits around foundation

Special baits placed around foundation keep pests out of your home.

remove spider webs

Removing spider webs outside prevents spiders from traveling inside.

treat windows and eaves

Treatment around windows and eaves completes the outside barrier.

attic baits

Attic baits are your first interior line of defense.

treat inside walls

Special treatments inside walls eliminate pests where they live and breed.

stop food and water searching

Roach and ant baits stop pests where they travel in search of food and water.

residual bait inside

Residual bait completes the interior treatment and provides effective, long-term protection.

Pest Control Inc.'s Guild Home Inspection

  • Pest Control Inc. will measure the perimeter of your Guild home and draw you a complete diagram if needed.
  • Pest Control Inc. will examine for potential nesting areas around you home.
  • Pest Control Inc. will inspect the exterior of your home for possible pest entry points.
  • Pest Control Inc.’s tech will check the attic, crawl space and garage area for Tennessee bugs and rodents.
  • Our Pest Control Inc. technician will inspect the interior living areas of your home.
  • Pest Control Inc. notes all findings on a detailed diagram.
Guild Home Inspection

Tennessee Homes Have Many “invisible" Places If You’ve Seen One Bug, You Haven’t Seen Them All.

  • Many pests can be found in the “invisible places" around your home.
  • The outside of your home under bushes and shrubs.
  • The way attics are constructed makes for areas you can’t detect bugs.
  • Cockroaches get behind your cabinets.
  • Ants get in your walls.
  • Bugs and Rodent get beneath your floors.
  • Many household pest infest your appliances.


Pest Control Inc. Is More Convenient

  • Less time waiting on monthly or quarterly spray.
  • Less time away from work and play.
  • No prep time… Pest Control Inc. does all the work.

Pest Control Inc. Is More Effective

  • Treats entry points and nesting areas.
  • Pest Control Inc. treats bugs where they live and breed.
  • Pest Control Inc. keeps most bugs from entering your home.

Pest Control Inc. Service Is Longer-lasting

  • Pest Control Inc. knows the right way to treat your home.
  • Residual baits eliminate and prevent bugs that are common for up to a year in and around your Guild Tennessee home.
  • Pest Control Inc. helps to prevent new pest infestations.