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Termite Control in Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet Termite Control

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Subterranean Termites – The Invisible Tennessee Enemy

  • Termites exist almost anywhere there is soil.
  • Termites cause more damage every year than fires, earthquakes and storms combined.
  • Homeowner's Insurance doesn't cover termite damage.
  • On average there are 3-5 termite colonies per acre of land
  • Termites enter through foundation cracks, plumbing entry points (as small as 1/64 of an inch), ground to wood contact and mud tubes up foundation walls.
  • New homes are just as vulnerable as older homes.
  • Termites attack wood in homes made of brick, stucco, and block.
  • Most Mount Juliet termite companies will retreat if termites return, but will not pay for repairs.

No One Treats You Like Pest Control Inc.

  • Our Termite Control System safeguards the structural integrity of your Mount Juliet home.
  • You will get peace of mind with our Termite Control System.
  • Pest Control Inc.'s Termite Control System guarantees that if termites do re-infest your home, we will re-treat and pay for any new termite damage.

Pest Control Inc.'s Termite Control Guarantee – The BEST Anywhere

  • Pest Control Inc. offers the most comprehensive guarantee available in the pest control industry today.
  • Pest Control Inc.'s renewable termite bond includes annual inspections and free re-treatments, if necessary.
  • It also includes a $250,000 repair warranty should termites re-infest your Tennessee home and cause new damage. *

* Some limitations apply. See customer agreement for details.

Termite Guarantee in Tennessee

Now Is The Time For Preventative Termite Treatment

  • Don't take chances with the "invisible" places.
  • Pest Control Inc.'s Termite Protection Plan is an important part of caring for your Mount Juliet home.
  • Preventative maintenance is a wise investment.

Tennessee Termite Treatment Techniques

  • Entry occurs through small cracks in the foundation, or through expansion joints in the basement floor.
  • Treat soil around the foundation and voids in the foundation wall.
  • Where necessary, treat expansion joints in the basement floor.
  • Remove debris.
  • Scrape off tunnels.
  • Trench and treat the soil adjacent to the foundation wall, inside and out.
  • Treat wall voids, voids in blocks, supporting piers and surrounding soil.
  • Drill and treat through brick veneer (if applicable).

Tennessee Slab Construction Termite Treatment Techniques

  • Pinpoint bottom of slab area for termite treatment.
  • Drill voids of hollow block, treat expansion joints under slab, and patch.
  • Treat around bath trap and utility pipes.
  • Trench, rod and treat soil adjacent to foundation wall.
  • Drill and treat under abutting slabs, such as patios, carports, etc.
  • Drill through block of foundation wall to underside of slab.
  • Treat soil after bath trap and other plumbing access areas.
  • Drill and treat under slab at expansion points.
  • Drill and treat under abutting slabs, such as patios, carports, etc.
  • Trench and treat soil adjacent to slab.
  • Drill and treat under abutting slabs, such as patios, carports, etc.
  • Bath trap treatment.
  • Utility pipe treatment.