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Pest Control Incorporated

Affordable, reliable pest control, termite control, and bed bug services.


Pest Control Inc. – $229 YR Pest Control | In Tennessee

Our pledge is to give our customers the most convenient and reliable service at the highest level of quality. To achieve that end, Pest Control Inc. will expend whatever time, energy, expertise and resources are necessary. We will give our customers full value for their money each and every time we serve them. And, in all cases, we will stand ready to honor Pest Control Inc.’s “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. That being said, we want you to feel like you have chosen a trusted company, and we are willing to be that for you today!

We offer effective, long-lasting results with our annual 9-step pest control treatment. We thoroughly treat both inside and outside your home. Call us today to schedule your once-a-year visit.

We offer preventative termite treatment to provide you the peace of mind that your house will be protected for a low monthly price. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

We offer heat treatments for eliminating bed bugs in both commercial and residential properties. Call us today to schedule an appointment to get rid of those pesky bed bugs from your home.

Annual 9-Step Pest Control Treatment

Repellents spread throughout yard keep pests at bay.

Roach and ant baits attack pests in shrubs and flower beds.

Special baits placed around foundation keep pests out of your home.

Removing spider webs outside prevents spiders from traveling inside.

Treatment around windows and eaves completes the outside barrier.

Attic baits are your first interior line of defense.

Special treatments inside walls eliminate pests where they live and breed.

Roach and ant baits stop pests where they travel in search of food and water.

Residual bait completes the interior treatment and provides effective, long-term protection.

For Quality, Affordable Pest Control Services!

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